Suspended cylindrical acoustic absorbers for your ceilings

Silencing as a design element

Thanks to its convincingly independent aesthetics, the suspended cylindrical acoustic absorber RELAX Tube has conquered its place in the RELAX Collection. A highly effective sound absorber integrated into architecture in an unusual way, it was developed as an individual solution for a specific architect’s request. The sculpturally suspended cylinders with different heights emphasize the air space instead of taking it for themselves, but eliminate the unpleasant reverberation in the process.

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The cylindrical RELAX Tube sound absorbers can be suspended from the ceiling at any height and are recommended for room heights of approx. 3.20 m and above. With a diameter of 15 cm and length variants of 40, 60 and 80 cm, the sound absorbers unfold a remarkable aesthetic in combination, which fits particularly excitingly into modern architectural scenarios.

The visual effect of the suspended bodies in the depth of the room can be individually designed – thanks to different lengths and a variety of possible color combinations.

500 – 4000 Hz


RELAX Tube is suspended from the ceiling on filigree wire ropes. The rope length can vary to realize visually exciting design.

RELAX Tube 1
RELAX Tube 2
RELAX Tube 3
RELAX Tube 4

Acoustic fabric JIL

Finest merino wool

Acoustic fabric JIL is knitted from 100% pure merino wool. Merino wool is one of the finest and whitest types of wool. These properties are necessary for the characteristically fine stitch structure of the RELAX envelope and also make it possible to produce pure white and very light shades.

Extremely high absorption

Due to its voluminous fluff, the fabric contributes to the absorption of certain frequency ranges. The natural fiber material convinces with further advantages: Wool is flame retardant and stores air humidity, which is released again when the room air is too dry - thus making a valuable contribution to a healthy room climate and pleasant working conditions.

Akustikstoff JIL Farbe 01

Technical data

Acoustic power

Sound absorption coefficient according to
DIN EN ISO 11654
ASTM C 423


Diameter 15 cm, any other diameter possible equivalent sound absorption area depending on cylinder length:

40 cm: 0,19 m²
60 cm: 0,28 m²
80 cm: 0,38 m²


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  • Can be suspended from the ceiling at any height
  • Seam and shock free


For versatile combination possibilities, a palette of 36 colors specially developed for RELAX is available to choose from - from classic neutral to strong, trend-oriented shades. All RELAX products are available in any color as standard.

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